From the President and Class of 1989 Board...

Dear Class of 1989,

How Time Flies! It is hard to believe another year has passed.  I want to first wish you all much health, happiness and prosperity in 2018. I also would be remiss if I did not share the somber news of the passing of Laurie Demit Rusin. Losing a classmate at any age is sad, but when it is at the prime of one’s life, it is truly tragic. The Boards’ thoughts and prayers are with her family.

2017, the halfway point between reunions, was also a good time for us, your Board, to take stock of what prep is needed for our 2019 reunion. Cathy, our Webmistress, has been working to update and streamline our website landing page. Julia and I have worked with the Alumnae Office to obtain updated class contact information. Mikal has the most accurate Class Dues/Class Lifetime Membership Information. 


So, what does that mean for you as we start to prep for Reunion 2019?

  • We’ll be sending out an email to those who may still have partial payments on the Class Lifetime Memberships.  Our Class Lifetime Membership amount is $89 and this gift to the class is designated to purchase shares in a fund which the college invests with the endowment. Every year, these shares generate income for our class, which is used to fund our reunion activities, mini-reunions, etc.
  • Please:  SAVE THE DATE - JUNE 7-9, 2019  - Class of 1989 30th Reunion. We hope to see you all there!

Lastly, it is Reunion Planning Time!

We are looking for a few volunteers who are willing to step up to help with the following Chair positions. 

The Reunion Committee Chair will organize our reunion. She sets the vision and tone for the class portion of reunion weekend and is the primary contact for the Alumnae Association. She is responsible for recruiting committee chairs and members, setting the budget with the treasurer, chairing planning meetings, and keeping the committee connected, motivated, and ready for the fun that is reunion! She will receive training at the Alumnae Leadership Council in the fall of 2018. The current class officers and the Alumnae Association staff will provide the Reunion Committee Chair with support throughout her term. The Chair position is a couple hours a week as reunion gets closer. Co-chairing (recommended!) definitely cuts down on time, and there’s a lot of trouble shooting at reunion, at least on day one.

The Record Book Chair will oversee the production of our first Class Record Book. What is a Class Record Book, you ask? It’s a collection of reflections and contact information that is published every five years. In it typically you can write whatever you like: a short script, a rant, a completely made up story about your post-graduation life, or how you feel about brunch. The Record Book Chair is responsible for recruiting committee members, choosing the medium (print, electronic, or both), soliciting and collecting entries, and delivering the final product. The current class officers and the Alumnae Association staff will provide the Reunion Book Chair with support throughout her term. Record book chair spends close to 5 hours a week at the height of pre-publication. The more she communicates with the class, the more responses she’ll get. Then about 2 months prior to reunion, she’s done.

The Nominating Committee Chair along with her committee of two or three classmates will fill the slate of alumnae class office candidates on behalf of the class. While the work is finite, taking place over just a few weeks, the impact is lasting. The women you slate will lead the class from the start of one reunion until the next, building enthusiasm and keeping the class cohesive for years to come. The Nominating Committee Chair is responsible for recruiting committee members, contacting classmates, informing them of available offices, and generating interest in volunteering for the upcoming five-year cycle.  Nominating Chair only takes just 15 hours if people volunteer for the positions.

Please email anyone on the Board with your interest in being a Reunion Chair or other volunteer for reunion. There are many positions to fill that help out the Reunion Chair/Co-Chairs. We want to make our 30th a reunion to remember.

In addition, if you know of any alumnae who are not active with the college, let us know.  We promise not to share personal information but would love to see as many as possible at reunion!

And please save the date: June 7-9, 2019!  See you there!


Stephanie Rinaldi                                                        Leah Shuldiner

President                                                                     Vice President                                     

Julia Spencer                                                               Mikal Celentano

Secretary                                                                     Treasurer                            


Ann Rumberger                                                          Cathy Kaplan

Wellesley Fund Representative                                  Web Manager and Record Book Chair